Welcome to Kingdom Family Church -- the place where the very glory of God resides!  We invite you to come and experience the opportunity to be propelled to a dimension in God that you have never experienced.  We're here to impact, challenge and equip you to a place of destiny - to birth purpose!

It's All About The Kingdom!

Kingdom Family Church is a Christ-centered church located in Tyler, Texas.  We are a dynamic ministry that walks in the spirit of excellence with a flare and passion for exhibiting and representing God as His ambassadors by changing lives through His Word.  We preach and teach the Holy, Living, Sacrificial Word with a special emphasis on applying kingdom principles to everyday life.  Family is our priority and our focus.  We teach strong foundational biblical principles through the Word, which result in empowering individuals to address life's challenges with the understanding that the ultimate victory is in Christ Jesus. 

Kingdom Visionaries:
Dr. Reginald E. Shankle, Sr. and Dr. Stephanie Mauldin Shankle are Kingdom-minded leaders with a unique approach and supernatural anointing to bring forth God's Word in a powerful and practical way. They walk in the call of God specifically in the areas of faith, deliverance, prosperity and worship.  They represent the solidified office of one head and work together as a team - "And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one."  They are grounded by truth and only move by the voice of God.  They are determined to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.
August 2012

August 1-5
X-Changed Back to School Bash

August 2-3
Cults 6p

August 5
Pastoral Sunday
Youth Bash Ends

August 7
Prayer at 5am

August 11
Prophetic Class at 10am

August 12
Bishop/Mom Shankle Appreciation

August 19
Super Seed Sunday

August 21
Prayer at 5am

August 30-31
11th Year Church Anniversary
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