We've all seen that bridge.... 

You know the long winding one you never wanna take and seems like you're never reaching your destination or simply the one that you have come to again that life's decision and circumstances have brought you.

This time, make the decision to bridge that ravine and go somewhere you HAVE NEVER GONE BEFORE

Allowing Your Past Dictate Who You Are

Our Mission

  This ministry has been founded to help bring freedom to families and individuals from personal, cultural, and religious bondages through Jesus Christ. Providing an atmosphere of peace and love to freely worship, grow, cultivate your spiritual gifts, thereby moving confidently into the identification of who God has called you to be in Christ revealing your membership ministry. 

  As we walk in Present Day Truth according to the Word with the principles of living from the heart Jesus gave us and to each other.  Shifting the cultural atmosphere within our local community towards the Kingdom of God one day at a time along with one person at a time. 

  Believing in the operation and functionality of the Five-Fold Ministry according to Ephesians that offer opportunity for personal activation, training, accountability and relationship with a like minded people of God who are moving in the apostolic and prophetic in their everyday lives. Members are encouraged as well as equipped to fulfill their God-given destiny and make ready a people to establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven as Saints doing the works of the Ministry according to Ephesians 4:11-12.  A Christian International Ministry-Church that will empower you to be a reproducer of reproducers and to allow the light of Jesus shone through your life.  


it doesn’t matter if you can quote the entire bible if you live life without love its like you’ve never opened a bible
— Pastors Greg & Tara Romeo

Some of our family here for you...

  • Pastors Greg & Tara Romeo
  • Deacons Roger & Valerie Couture
  • Apostles Rodney & Kathy Tolleson
  • Worship Directors Bobby & Kati Vickery